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(combined army service and Judaic studies program)

A track suitable for youngsters from Zionist Hesder yeshivas, which combines yeshiva studies and military service in various units. The course changes from yeshiva to yeshiva, but basically remains similar: enlistment (first day of IDF service) for a few months of yeshiva study with no pay, and then enlistment for an active military term (in the determined unit and role). At the end of the military service, an additional unpaid term in the yeshiva until the end of the military service. The length of service is 21 months, of which 17 months are active military service and 4 months are unpaid yeshiva studies.

Registration for this track takes place at the Hesder yeshiva where you study, through the Hesder yeshivas association, which works in cooperation with the social security department.​​