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Process stages

​​​**Mahal cannot guarantee at any stage that you will join the IDF. Funding depends on many factors. We promise that we will do our best to help you in the process.​

​​​Initial registration with Mahal's chatbot​

 or sending an email to:

Required documents:

Passport valid for three years from the day of enlisting.

Medical form signed by a doctor (signature + stamp) – Mahal Medical Declaration – English

Original birth certificate+apostille stamp.

criminal background check+apostille stamp.

Original letter from a rabbi confirming you and at least one of your parents/grandparents are Jewish.​

You will be summoned for a personal interview at Machal offices in Tel Aviv (Social Security Department).
Please bring the documents mentioned in section 1 above to this interview – 1 original + 2 copies.

The Jewish Agency will review your documents and will give a recommendation for a Mahal visa (student) according to criteria of the law of return. (Note: Mahal volunteers who request to do Aliyah, will be required to present documents again).

Ministry of Interior: Later in the process and before your draft, you will apply for a Mahal visa that will be added to your passport to permit your temporary residence in Israel for the extent of your military service. This will be done either through the staff of the program you are in at that time, or by independently going to the Ministry of Interior.

First call-up: On a day determined in advance, you will go to the recruitment office where you will undergo the tests, interviews and medical examinations required by the IDF.

​Preparatory program: A four-week preparatory program for the IDF, under boarding conditions, together with other participants (relevant to the Machal-Nachal program only).

The program's objectives are: improving your Hebrew, physical and mental preparation for the army, enrichment classes on Israel and the IDF. The preparatory program is a screening stage, and in order to enlist through Machal, you must pass the program successfully.

At the end of the program you will enlist in the IDF!​